Melodies on Canvas: a bridge between arts

Our mission:

Melodies on Canvas is a project that connects visual and aural arts together through collaborations between classical musicians and visual artists. By bridging these two pillars together we hope to not only educate those who are unfamiliar with the arts, but also teach young aspiring musicians and artists about beauties beyond their respective worlds. We wish to spread art’s essence throughout the community so that audiences of all ages can experience the arts in a light that is engaging and unique. By organizing community events, Melodies on Canvas strives to educate viewers about the fine arts and plant seeds that will help develop deeper understandings of creativity and expression.


I started Melodies on Canvas because I wanted to show the community how impactful the arts have been on my life. I’ve always been fond of painting, drawing, and design since a very young age. As a child, I would spend most of my free time crafting something, with the occasional times of being more destructive than constructive. I felt I could express my imagination and bizarre ideas by making things with my hands. Even today with the busy workload of a high-schooler, I find myself picking up a paintbrush and regaining peace and escape from life for a moment. Classical music has been and remains a fundamental pillar in my life. As the youngest of a family of classical musician parents and siblings, I too play an instrument. I started cello at the age of five, but it wasn’t until junior high school when I really found a passion for it. I found that through musical performance, one can communicate emotions in a totally different way. It’s not to say that performance arts can express more than visual art, rather, they both harness a uniquely special path to the soul. In the summer of 2018 I attended the Center Stage for Strings music camp in Ann Arbor. They hosted an array of memorable events, but the most prominent one to me was a collaborative concert with the local art museum. Chamber groups from the camp selected paintings that they felt connected to the piece they were to perform. As I listened to the groups play, I watched the painting come to life. The experience was surreal. I immediately asked the curator of this concert if I could bring this idea to Chicago. Melodies on Canvas is designed to enlighten both the participants and the community. Through collaboration, musicians and artists can learn valuable skills in order to see the beauty of art in a world adjacent to theirs. The pairing of art and music is simple, yet incredibly powerful. It transforms two activities into one cathartic experience quite unlike any other.

Cameron Chiu (Founder)

Melodies on Canvas is a unique opportunity for artists and musicians to collaborate, create, and present their work, combining the vividness of music with the richness of color. It is an excellent way for aspiring artists to challenge themselves to perform on a professional level and expand the scope of their work.

Julia Baer (Art Participant)

Melodies on Canvas is an amazing way to explore the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, blending the visual and the performing. As a musician, it’s been rewarding to find deeper meaning in the pieces we perform through the medium of beautiful art pieces.

Brandon Cheng (Music Participant)

Melodies on Canvas allows artists to put their skills into practice and collaborate with other creatives. It provides an opportunity for students to take their first venture into a publicly presented project, working under restrictions and guidelines that aren’t completely self-imposed. Most importantly it enforces a deadline, which is the downfall of many inexperienced artists!

Vince Zhao (Art Participant)