Sophia Ladios

Sophia Marie Palafox Ladios was born in the Philippines and grew up in the presence of art in the household. She took traditional art classes as a kid and continued to do so as a teenager where she continued to expand her interests from graphite drawings to oil paintings influenced by Dutch Masters. Sophia strives to become a conservator of art and is hopes to work in Amsterdam, taking care of Van Gogh’s priceless art works that have graced the eyes of many.

Vince Zhao

Vince is a self-taught artist, preparing to attend an art university. Frequently moving from place to place from childhood, the one thing that always followed him was his drive to draw. Inspired by and aspiring after the great artists of the past, he seeks to improve his craft on a path to becoming a professional illustrator. Vince runs his instagram account @vincezhaodesign where he posts everything from daily doodles to elaborate projects.

Justin McHugh

Justin McHugh attends The Christian Liberty Academy where he actively partakes in their art program. “Art is one of my favorite pastimes. The juxtaposition between being conscious of your creative thoughts while allowing your brain to freely wander is a uniquely motivating experience!” Justin intends to continue art as he moves into college, if not explicitly, then implicitly as he believes art has permanently shaped his perspective on the things he puts his mind to.

Megan Forrest

Megan Forrest is a painter taught by a small studio in Palatine. She began painting in eighth grade and started drawing inspiration from portraits that she saw online. Since then, Megan has expanded her focus from oil paints to a broader focus of all things painting and drawing. She hopes to one day be a lawyer, keeping art more as a hobby than a profession. However, Megan still wants to continue her exploration into the vast world of art whenever she can. In recent years, Megan has also taught art to younger children in her studio.