Upcoming Events

2019-2020 Season:

(CLOSED) Melodies on Canvas: Downer’s Grove “Visual Interpretation” Student Showcase

High school artists and musicians will showcase collaborative material at the Faith United Methodist Church. Each artist will present their visual productions of the musicians’ pieces on October 20, 2019.

(CLOSED) Melodies on Canvas: Wyndemere “Aural Interpretation” Student Showcase

On 11/17/19 high school artists and musicians collaborate once more at the Wyndemere Nursing Home in Wheaton, Illinois.

(CLOSED) Melodies on Canvas: Evanston Art Center and the MIC Academy “Aural Interpretation” Collaboration

Music Institute of Chicago’s Academy students will perform in front of select artworks from the Evanston Art Center in January of 2020.

Melodies on Canvas: WFMT 98.7 Radio Collaboration

WFMT’s recital program: “Introductions” will feature MIC Academy musicians performing a select program of pieces in February of 2020. Meanwhile, a student artist will produce their visual interpretation of the music to be displayed digitally on our website.

Melodies on Canvas: Chicago Arts Partnerships in Eduction “Visual Interpretation”Fundraiser

High school artists and musicians will showcase collaborative material in a collaborative fundraiser for the CAPE organization.

Melodies on Canvas: CLA April Art Exhibit “Aural Interpretation” Collaboration

Student musicians will perform in front of selected artworks provided by students of the CLA Art Exhibit in April of 2020.